Bail in 420 case against me

Dear Lawyers/Experts, My husband has filed a 420 case and a cheque bounce case against me. I left my home due to some problems with him. He had helped my brother in the business and has given loan to my brother through transferring money in my bank account. He was asking his money back but my brother could not return it due to financial problem. He did not wanted to understand the problem and I had to give my husband a post dated cheque for the loan amount to buy time.. But one day we had an argument and I left home and went to live with my brother. On the advise of my brother I made the stop payment of the cheque and also filed dowry case on him to settle the matter and take divorce. I thought I will adjust the amount from the settlement amount from him. But now my husband has taken bail and has filed 420 and cheque bounce case in his home town which is 300 km away from my city. I & my brother have received summon from court. But he has no proof that I gave the money to my brother. I want to know whether I should appear in the court or I should apply for anticipatory bail. I am a working lady. I have been told that I will get permanent exemption from court appearance. Is it true? How can I travel such long distance every month to attend the court? I can lose my job due to harassment of court cases. Should I file more cases on my husband to make him understand what he did to me. What more cases can I file? He left his job and is only doing such foolish things.