Complaint under the protection of women from the domestic violent

Dear Sir, The query is mentioned below,kindly reply. COMPLAINT UNDER THE PROTECTION OF WOMEN FROM THE DOMESTIC VIOLENT ACT The present case is filed a against the respondets uner the protection of womens from domestic violence Act 2005. complaints 1. Hrassment for bringing less dowry and for demand of gold chain and car. 2. Demand of rs one lakh for purchase of car. 3. Demand of money now and then. 4. Demand of HMA at the rate of Rs 8000/- pm. 5. Demad of Rs 10 Lakh as compensation for dowry items and mental harrassment. Respondents reply 1. Dowry items handed over to the comlainent through court 2. All above mentoned allegations are false and baseless. courts decision For the discussoin forgoing it is held that the complainent has failed to prove the allegation of the domestic violence at the hands of the respondents. The complaint filed by the complainent fails and the same is hereby dissmissed. My Query 1. Sir as the case was filed on 06.09.2007 and the decision was given on 22.08.2013 the case took time of about six years. During the said period the complainent stayed at parental house and was in recipt of HMA at the rate of Rs 1500/- pm. On decision the cout has stopped HMA and also no compensation has been given to the party. Weather I can get married on base of the courts decision or not. Thanking You.