use of a genuine lease document in an unrelated case

dear sir/madam i executed two lease documents on different dates in the same month in favor of two different departments of ministry of communication and information technology. while the lessor was common in both the documents but the lessee were of separate identity. later eviction and recovery of rent case was filed against one of the two departments. the department against which the case was filed produced the lease document executed against the other department which was not related to the particular case claiming the said lease to be the genuine lease on the basis of which it was the tenant of the premises. they even went to the extent of stating under oath that no lease deed after the date of the lease produced by them was ever signed between the parties, where as the genuine lease deed related to the case was signed after the date of the lease deed produced and claimed as original. Dose this act of the respondents in the case qualify to be covered under IPC 467 / 468 specifically? all the respondents are government employees.