Court Calls

Last year I had an accident last year involving my car and a bike. It was a slight touch on his bike. No ones fault really. I stopped and took him to Manipal Hospital in Jayanagar. Scans showed a minor swelling on his foot and few scratches on his arm. Medications were taken care of by me (Re 1300). I payed the bill along with the medication. But he had his own patient record in the hospital. His wife put it on that record and took the bills with her. I even played for the bike damages (Re 4500). Turns out, the bike repair guy was his friend. So I didn't get any bills for that either. I spoke to him and he said its all sorted and we can go on with life. I am a college student in the final year of engineering. He is a bank manager aged 40+. A month after the incident I got calls from unknown number. After a week of ignoring, I answers one out of curiosity. The caller was the traffic police station saying an FIR had been filed on me for traffic violation (lane shifting) and hit and run (probably cause I didn't answer 1 week of calls from the police, which I didn't know). I went to the station right away. I informed my parents about this. The car is on my mothers name. So we spoke to the cops and explained the whole incident. They said it was nothing to worry about and that I'd have to pay a fine and it'll be over. My mother signed few papers and we paid a fine of Re 2000 to the court. That's the only receipt I have currently. The cops at the station said everything has been take care of and I can go on with life and not worry about this ever again. Now, 1 year later 2 people from the civil court had come home and given 2 court orders, R1 being me and R2 being my mother. It was sent by the Court of Small Cause Jury (SCJ), type Misc.. The applicant is the man in the bike. The date of application was a month after the accident. The receiving date was yesterday. Me and my mother have been called to the court in the mid of August. I would like to know how to go about this. What will happen in the court? What am I supposed to say to the judge? What is this court order for? What is the price to pay? I really want to get it over with because I need to concentrate on my exams as that is the peak of my life. Thank you very much in advance for your reply.