Passport Issue with Correct wife name / assumed wife our mistake

1. I got my first Passport issued from Bangalore in 1998 as single valid until 2018. 2. I applied for replacement Passport due to lost Passport in year 2004 and entered by mistake Richa Kumar as wife. Marriage talks were going on and under wrong thought entered her name as I was to rush to abroad placement quickly. Under circumstances beyond my control marriage with Richa Kumar did not materialize and Passport was issued with Richa Kumar as wife. This mess was created because RPO, Patna in 2004 did not required any marital proof. I kept on persuading to correct my own mistake and RPO, Patna sticked to the requirement of Divorce / Death Certificate for correcting small mistake. 3. I re-applied for Passport in year 2007 under my modified last name. Again RPO, Patna did not agree to remove Richa Kumar and instead requested me to change assumed wife's surname without any proof. 4. Upon marriage in year 2012, I somehow created courage to fight it out legally with RPO, Patna under case No. 748/2012 in family court (lower court), Patna to correct wife's name from Richa Raushan to Nidhee Priyadarshinee. I had my wife and father-in-law as witness for the case all throughout. Lower court rejected in April 2013, and again re-admitted in July 2013 for recommendation from High Court, Patna under Title Suite 07/2013. 5. In between my wife made multiple attempts to extract money from me to be on the side of facts for bribing her brothers. After a tolerance, as I stopped financing and consequently she filed Divorce and 498A. 6. Now, I am subjected to withdraw wife/father-in-law as witnesses and hearing process is continuing. 7. I am out of job because I am not able to produce Passport required by Employer. Please provide Legal Advice on Passport Case - Title Suite 07/2013. 8. Is it right to pursue further in Family Court?