Help to retrieve money and gold

My friend have borrowed Rs.47,000/- and gold (nearly 16 gms +)from me telling his is in trouble financially as he incurred a loss in shares and was cheated by his friend; and also borrowed more telling he can give back that money altogether within that day. As he is my friend, upon mutual trust this money transactions took place without any proof other than bank transfer of very minimal amount. Till now he has not returned anything back and has switched off his mobile since more than a week. Before and after this he called me himself multiple, telling he have came to his native and will be back with money. I am not able to distinguish whether he is lying or not. The majority of the money was handed over as cash at an HDFC ATM in Omkar Nagar, near to Channasandra, on 12th May and 15th May 2014. He have his account in ICICI bank only minimal amount transactions have taken place through it. I don't have any cheque or documents over the money and gold I gave. I knew his flat, which was on rent, now he have shifted from there and is staying in PGs in Global village area on day rental basis. As he is my friend, I don't want to make him get into a bad situation, but without gold I cant go back to my native, so am totally tied up. I would like to know is there anyway to get his permanent address? I know his company name and his bank account no. And if am moving legally, would this case get rejected as it lack evidences? Kindly help me.. Thanks in advance.