Discriminatory maintenance fee-association is threatening

I am tenant in a apartment and recently the apartment owners association came up with notice asking tenants/owners who let out to pay nearly 45% more maintenance fee compared to resident owners. (Rs. 2.50 per sq.ft for resident owners whereas for Rs.3.50 per sq.ft for tenants/owners who let out). Tenants and owners who let out made several requests to association to collect equal maintenance fee but association did not heed and they reiterate that differential maintenance fee was decided in 2015 AGM (they refused to share MoM and rational behind the discriminatory decision). Association refused to collect cheaque with amount of Rs.2.50 per sq.ft, from us. Hence tenants/owners who let out paid same maintenance fee as resident owners (Rs.2.5 per sq.ft) through NEFT. Then certain owners who let out joined and issued a lawyer notice to association requesting them to collect same maintenance fee for all residents citing Karnataka law. But the association issued response asking us to pay higher maintenance fee and threatened to cut off facilities (could be water, electricity, gym, swimming pool, common area, party hall...) and will curtail/cancel voting rights in further AGM of those owners (who let out) who does not pay higher maintenance fee with fine. It looks the association is not properly registered or renewed and looks they have not been submitting accounts to registrar.Because in the response, their lawyer mentioned that his clients (association) have instructed him to state that the association is registered and submitting accounts to registrar is out of scope of the issue. How should my owner/other owners who let out proceed? Can they complain to Registrar about this discrimination? Is it easy to get court stay order on the association decision? please advise