Conduction Tuition, is it a commercial activity?

Dear Sir, I have recently started tuition classes in our house and the house is rented. I had orally taken the permission of the association secretary, but after 2 months the associations are having their meetings and discussing among themselves in order to ask me to stop conducting tuition. I am ready to take written permission, but their basic requirement is to make me stop the tuition. I am really confused unable to have peaceful sleep, its easy to stop today, but my real worry is, is it really necessary for me to stop it for their objection OR I would like to know if it is not commercial activity, how would I convince them, since I have already taken into consent the nearest neighbors and they really do not have any objection. I have taken all the measures to ensure that my classes are not disturbing anybody inside apartment. It is all about my right, just because I am a woman they cannot deprive me of my right and take out from my hands my hand the basic opportunity to earn money along with my kid. Awaiting for your reply. Veda