Husband in False dowry Case and harrasement case (My wife playi

Dear Sir, I m now in a big trouble. Please help me out. I am a muslim men and got married in august 2013. i am MOHAMMAD (Ansari) resindg at ghaziabad (U.P)and girl Nasrin (Wahabi) is resident of Bihar. (The date 24.8.2012 at bihar Aara the selection for each other girls and boys.and discussion.) (i and my two sister and their husband and my mother and my khala was there.) After selection my 2nd father in law asked me that do you want any dowry. i told him i don't need any dowry.But girl should be agree and ready for marriage and girl should not having any kind medical or any kind of problem(ladki khud se razi hona chahiye. aur use kisi tarah ki beemari nhi honi chahiye).after both family acceptance. then we moved from there.and we return to ghaziabd. My wife looking to file a case with support of there relative. as per i concern they trying to force me that i should offer her for divorce and they will file case against me. So that they can get a good amount of money. Becasue i felt that girl is having a mentally problem. she is short temper. She always trying to fight. at every midnight. if i ignored her word she forced me to talk to her. Girl is having a medicine (Migrain Medicine(Head Headach)) withought my knowledge. after forcing to know she did not telling me neither theire family. responding me. After ignoring these. Girl looking small small mistakes and my conversation to any kind of issues so that she can fight with me. After getting a pregnant she forced me to bring medicine for abortion. After 2 month of marriage she got pregnant. she force me bring Medicine. and blame that he feed me forcibly. After 8 month she again pregnant.which she don't want. So said keep it. she again fight with next 15 days. When i again i agree and bring the medicine she again blamed me that i forcibly feed that medicine to her all family relative except my family. And She and her family saying that if anything will happen They will not able to live in delhi (ghaziabad). And girl always giving me dhamki that Sabko Fasa dungi. Tumhare Jijao ko pitawa dungi. Aur mujhe bahut bura bura kahti rahti. And now a days my village at Bihar they are promoting that i am torturing the Girl. Girl every day talk to there family. more than 2 hours a day. So please help me out neither i am living hapily. i thinking to suicide. what i need to do. i am feeling my life completly dump.