Hello Sir, Need your some suggestion to resolve land dispute with my neighbor... We have constructed house and staying in there since 1999. When my father bought that land , our neighboring land owner was a different person. so before construction , my father measured the land and all the neighbors agreed with that. So build the house without any issue. The old neighbor sold to land to a different person who is very rowdy in nature. The new neighbor also build his house in 2002 or 2003. Everything was fine for more than 10 years.. but now.. our neighbors has two sons and they are not doing anything and their only work in our village is trouble others.. last year when my father was not there in village they constructed the boundary wall touching the wall of our house..and now they are dug a big pit in their backyard very close to our backyard for drainage which is creating mosquito.. His wife always try to get into fighting mode even if we are not responding.. His son also once tried to beat my father and threaten openly in front of village committee .. Now we approached our village committee to resolve this issue as we dont want to go in to trouble and Village committee also agreed to measure the land and resolve this permanently. But the our neighbor is demanding to make an agreement that in case our wall is on thier land, they will break the wall of our house. As per my knowledge, there are multiple survey (old map vs new map) for our village for very long time. as i was a kid when we had this demarcation of our land, I dont know which map was used..In case our wall is their land, we are ready to pay them and put a permanent boundary.. As they are not listing to village committee, village committee is asking us to go to court and they will also help us .. Please advice how to resolve this faster.. My father is 65 yrs old and I am staying far away from my village.. My village is in Jagatsinghpur, Orissa and I work in bangalore.. Regards, Kishore