Harrasment from police officers

Hi Sir/Madam my name is raj sharma my brother is self employed and has a jewellery shop in bangalore. Here in this city we jeweller shops are facing a harrasment problem from so many years the police officers bring some culprits to our shops and they tell that we have purchased a gold from this guy directly the demand 200 gms 500 gms what ever number comes in their mouth. These are all fake and bogus cases they frame us in these charges and harras us very badly which we cannot explain if we talk sum thing the talk to us like we are the culprits. in these such cases we are treated as thiefs and theif becomes owner what ever he tells he is the god at that period of time. And we have to compromise by giving sum thing to them as a part of bribe by some gold. Even if we have not purchased from them then also we have to incur these kind of loses. They donot even care our words even if also we provide them cctv camera recordings. So please suggest me what should we people do....?