Marriage notification in miiatry record office.

My husband is military pensioner. his first wife was demised during 1983. he retired from military during 1986. later he married me during 19 87. we are hindus. for notification of our marriage, we sent following documents as asked by records (a) an affidavit duly sworn before magistrate (b) marriage certificate duly issued by village pradhan. (c) declaration of marriage as for format sent by records in which our marriage was conducted as per hindu rities noted. change legal heir and change of next of kin and . all these form self signed and two persons witnessed. duly counter signed by sainik welfare officer. Based on above document military records office notified the marriage and noted in service documents. in 2012. For getting family pension the endorsement spouse name in pension payment order , we sent as documents asked by records .during mar 2015. they checked the papers further they sent to cda allahabad for doing the need full. cda returned the papers with following remarks on 08 jan 2016 . (a) death certificate of first wife issued by the competent authority. (b) certificate of register of marriage or other competent authority under the relevant law. military records informed the matter to us on 09 feb 2016. My husband was died on 02 jan 2016 after discharged from military on 31 jan 2015. i informed on 20 feb 2016 to military records office that my husband was no more and requested them to settle the issue all these observation's notification done and recorded in service records of my late husband since notification of these occurrence would not done without supporting documents. they informed and sent some documents as fresh claim of family pension claim closing the one year long our case. My query is that why again fresh claim. I have verified all the documents which we sent to records for marriage notification and noticed that the clause of marriage according to hindu rities was missing. the marriage is pertains to us , and the same is notified and recorded. my husband is no more. Will i entitle to get a fresh affidavit and include the clause of marriage as per hindu rities. will it be sufficient to process my old case that is endorsement spouse name in pension payment order . Your precious advise is requested.