Need Guidance

Hello Respected Members , My father sadly demised last year without a will , we need to transfer his belonging to mother's name and I have following questions 1.For bank FDs and account , he did not have a nomination , the bank now is asking for sureties equal to the amount - which we are finding hard to get. Will succession certificate will help here ? If we give succession certificate to the bank , will they still ask for sureties ? 2.Similarly need to transfer house on his name, in this case again do we require a succession certificate ? 3.Do a succession certificate can be used ONLY for transfer of movable properties ( like bank accounts, cars etc.)? It can not be used for immovable properties - like home etc ? 4.Where I need to apply for succession certificate ? and does it hold good for the entire state ? like if I get a succession certificate from one city within the state, does it hold good for entire state as such ? or I need to get new succession certificate for each city ? 5.Any other useful advice that will help us at this moment. Thanks and regards Chetan