Debt cheque bounce

As per my case I took money from two persons about 11 lakh for doing their work. The money was taken in my uncles account. Now work was not being able to be done by me so I promised them to return money last year and went out of station by giving the money to be returned to my uncle s responsibility. My uncle without my information used the money lavishly and upon my return home the persons came to collect money and I came to know about my uncles deed. My uncles wife gave him a cheque of 11 lakh (from same account to which the money was given) but till now they are unable to pay him and that man is harassing me and my family along with my uncle aunty to get into police station against me! As he is my friend whose money my uncle has used up. I have taken in writing from my uncle and aunty on 100 rupee stamp paper (not notarized) that they did this act and I am no where involved in this act. Please advice me whether can that man approach police without cheque bounce notice? Can I be harmed here?