Cash Recovery

Hello my name is sandeep and i am from chennai , i am having a computer shop in chennai and I have started side business for selling used car with one car broker i have invested 9 lakhs in to that and i have not made any agreement since the person is known after investing 2 or 3 times he sold some car and we have got share as 50-50 after 3 months i got the information that he is using my money for he's own purpose then i have asked him to repay my money which i have invested then he said he cant pay full amount immediately he need some time i have given 3 months time after that also he's unable to pay then slowly slowly he paid almost 4.5 lakh by cash but another 4.5 lakh he want some more time and i have given another 3 months in this 3 month he not paid me anything then i have went to police station and complaint against him sub inspector called him and called him to meet then he bring he's advocate along with him then advocate said what evidence you have to claim the money i have told him that i have mobile calls recording and SMS which i will frequently send him when i pay and receive my money but he said its not valid then he concluded he will pay 2.5 lakh with out interest and interest he can't pay and since i don't have any evidence even you can not claim this 2.5 lakh and this 2.5 lakh he will pay within 3 months , since i don't know any thing about law so i have agreed to that and after a month he called that he's ready with cash of 1 lakh come to police station he will pay 1 lakh today and balance in another 2 month time and advocate claimed 20,000 from me he told if you want you can take or else this 1 lakh also he cant give either give me 20.000 or else forget 1 lakh then i have agreed to that also and i have told him you can recover my 4.5 lakh i will give you 1 lakh balance 3.5 lakh i will take he said le us finish this 2.5 laksh recovery first then will look out on that now again he told me that balance 1.5 lakh recovery also he need he's amount to be paid around 20k to 30k there is anything here i can do please help me out