problems in property selling

i have a house in Durgapur(Burdwan district) and now i want to sell it, i have Mutation papers ready, tax uptodate, Planning papers and Dalil and also Porcha papers, which have seen in computers records and have recived a copy from BLRO office in 2005, but now when i am going to sell it, i am seeing that my name from records is missing and the purchaser is denying from buying it, but the officer in BLRO office is accepting that it is their mistake for the missing records of name from their computer but the papers are originals and given from their office. as i want to sell the house immediately , this matter has become a huge block of problems in my life as BLRO officers said it will take time to update the records. now my question is that :-- is their any other way without update records of Porcha to sell the property? how can i sell it immediately? will not the beforehand Porcha papers given by BLRO office help anyway? is Porcha papers immortant for making searching and registering of property? will not Mutation and other papers help? thanking you