Smoking ban in office building with public access in Gujarat

Dear Sir, We want to seek your advice on the below matter which we are facing currently in our new office building. Recently we moved into our new office building, which has only 2 Floors. First floor is occupied by a renowned shipping company and second floor is occupied by us. We have a common passage staircase from ground floor to 1st and 2nd Floor. We share a common staircase for 1st and 2nd Floor in this building. Some of the staff of this shipping company are frequent smokers and they are smoking in the common passage area which has public access.The smoke remains in this passage area in absence of proper ventilation in the building. Due to this smoke our staff members and visitors find it difficult coming to our office as they have to bear this smell and inhale the leftover smoke which remains in this passage, while climbing the office staircase. As we newly moved into this building, we first addressed this issue to the general manager of this shipping company and requested him to instruct his staff members to smoke outside the building but he wrote to us saying that he cannot dictate his staff to do so as they are smoking outside the office jurisdiction. So we then addressed this issue to the building owner who also requested these staff members not to smoke inside the building but all his attempts failed to stop them smoking inside office building. Now the owner has asked us to directly deal with this shipping company for this matter. So, could you please advise what would be our next step to stop these people to smoke inside our office building ? Awaiting your quick feedback cum advise on this serious issue. Thanking you, Liju Pillai