FDR Succession Certificate

Dear Sir/Madam, My father was ordered succession certificate when he deposit the court fee in the court and other party my cousion also ordered to get the succession certificate from the same court. Since the judgement was passed and court fee was deposited by my father, he unfortunately expired and i filled suit in the same court as legal heir and wants the judge to pass the same order so i can get the succession certificate but the judge is adamant and is saying that find a law so that i can transfer the same judgement to you being a legal heir so i do not have to pay the court fee once again. I would really be obliged if anyone can guide me is there any law and what is that? On the second hand the second party got succession certificate and he is doing the proceedings with the bank to release the amount. I have the original FDR , can bank release the 1/2 share of the total FDR to the second party without original FD and only on the basis of succession certificate ? I am seeking your guidance and co operation. Kindly assist please !! Regards, Rohit Shoor