False complaint u/s 376 against all my family

Hi, My elder sister who is already married filed an FIR u/s 376 against an advocate who made her life a hell and against whom she had already given a lot of complaints to the PS, Bar association and all that he is blackmailing her to implicate her and her husband in false cases last year in August but nobody heard. Now after a lot of struggles when she could file an FIR against him that too when the complaint reached the PS on 6th Feb 2016 and lodge on 15th Feb a cross FIR within 2 hours of our FIR against my sis and jiju was filed by one of his x female associate by whom my sis was even beaten in the chamber in last july and she has already file 156 III in the court which is pending for 4th April 2016. First that female said that my jiju raped her and sis made a video and waited for my sis to give her 164 as soon my sister gave 164 the next day she came and gave the statement that my mother my jiju's father, my own elder jijaji and my sisters best friends they all raped her and made videos, that too when my mom n elder jiju live in some other town and dont even come to delhi, and now asing for an amount of 5 lac (that too when that female beongs to a lower middle class and even borrow 500 rupees at times from my sister) my sister n jiju never even met or called that female after last year july, we moved a criminal writ in high court and anticipatory bail for my sister. What else can we do as the previous lawyer moved a criminal writ also in the high court but got a 1.5 month date from there.