Divorce, Re-Marriage & Muslim Special Marriage Act.

Hello Team, I am married to a Filipino Citizen Girl who is a PR in Malaysia too in 2012 in Pune, Maharashtra, India Marriage Registrar Office. Later after 2 months she went back to Malaysia to work and never returned back till date. I have tried to call her in the beginning for few months however as I didn't get any proper response I stopped calling her. However we are still in contact and now I want to get divorced as we are already far from each other and have had no relationship since 2012. She is a Christian and I am a Muslim Now I want to get married again to a Hindu Girl who I love. I just want to check what should be the possible way to do it. I know that Muslim's have a Special Marriage Act in India and as per Islamic Law we can marry without divorcing but it won't be applicable for me because I was married to a Non-Muslim and again want to Marry a Non-Muslim. Request you to please provide me the details and the advise in how should I Proceed about this because my 1st wife is also ready to divorce me mutually. Your advise will be appreciated highly. Thank you Regards Tahir