Chit Fraud

Sir I have came to know that my brothers and their workmates have invested along with 10 to 15 people in a chit fund created by a person but that person after 8 months stop giving response towards people who invested telling lie about his loss in other chits so he cant pay ous amount now giving some emotional lecture. when all people unitedly pressurize then he ran away and after few months he came to delhi doing a job and assuring all the people that he will repay one by one but never did so. Now in november 2015 when I came to know about all these we call him and ask about money je tell me that I will repay soon dont worry. I do have the audio clip for that instant. what I had secretly recorded. after 6 month he never pay a single rupee when we ask him he always show same response so we had a little bit of argument over that.then he replied that I didn't take a money from you u cant do anything. my brothers and thier friends invested as he was also a friend to all of them. all of them thats why known to each other he never give any reciept or any kind of proof to anyone he came and collected from their house. he such a waste person when peoples are gathered and try to go to the house of the person then he is threatning that I will put rape case of my wife on the person who will try to came to my house as they have deposited on a friends they always try to avoid police complaint. how to recover money from such a fraud person around 15 lacs. indivisually 80 to 90 thousand invested in the chit. now he using harash language that u cant do any thing and also doing a job in same company. how to get him out of the job and city which is danger to society how to take some legal action please advice me.