Seling electronic cigarette and accessories in maharashtra

I am running a online store wbsite and selling electronic cigarette and it's refillable liquid Liquids contain pg vg and food flavours like coffee, Apple, strawberry, graps chocolate etc.. Note - there is no tar & tobacco and In some liquids made for smokers has nicotine level up-to from 3mg to 1.8mg I get orders from pan india but some news says this items is illegal to sale in maharashtra and punjab This items is anti smoking ans really helped million of smokers to quite smoking It's new products for indian market so not much information available about its usage and rule regulation So we hv to trust news whatever they write .. Can any one help to elaborate on this and actual low of selling and using this items in india Note- nicotec is well known alternate for smokers it has also nicotine Ni need ti say There are 14000 people dying using cigarette and tobacco items...then why selling ecigarette is crime ? Is there any ACT code/number where it's written selling is ban Thanks in advance Ex. smokers ans vapor