Gift Deed Registration

Dear Sir/Madam, One of my friends father registered his property without consent of my friend through gift deed registration at sub-registrar office on Sep 2015 to his 2 daughters Ground floor to 1st daughter, First floor to 2nd daughter and Second floor which is kept vacant and using by his father and the total building is given on rents by father and collecting the rents by himself. None of his daughters have taken the gift registration documents, father got collected the documents himself after registration got completed. The property was self earned by my friends mother who got expired in 2013. But, as per the registration the records in municipality was not changed in the name of the daughters or someone else. They remain same in the name of their mother in municipality records.. I would like to present the following questions: 1) Father wants to cancel the gift registration with some misunderstanding between his 2nd this possible? 2) What are the rights of my friend now, How can he claim his share in the property. 3) 2nd daughter is staying in father's house in one room, and father disconnected electricity in that room and told his daughter to vacate room immediately due to some family problems. Here, what are her rights towards the property? 4) 2nd daughter filed DVC & Divorce case against her Husband and the case is going on since 1 1/2 year., this is the main reason that father was forcibly want to send 2nd daughter to her husband home, her husband was a drunkard. 5) My friend and her sister is not involving in this family matter and living separately in another town by doing their job/works and not coming to fathers home.