Limitation against guarantor

Mr. X retired school teacher he is retired in 2014 , in 2013 Mr. Y started a business of transport of local city buses with approval of local municipality with a 5 buses and after 6 month later in November he brought again 8 buses , where Mr. Y don’t specify about loan and put family pressure on Mr. X to sign a document as a guarantor , even the bank have not briefly explain a legal binding of guarantor, even the family and Mr. Y told to Mr. X it is just formality to take a loan, since Mr. X is innocent in banking they silently took house of Mr. X as mortgage property as a guarantor, neither bank or borrower explain Mr. X what kind of loan are taking and how much loan they are taking neither they give document to read , now Mr. Y became defaulter and bank start issuing notice to Mr. X in that they showing 2 different loan but Mr. X sing a document only for one even PTR (encumbrances certificate) showing loan for two different amount where Mr. X sing only one bank still not made bankrupt or seize the primary security. Note 1) There are 2 more guarantors apart from Mr X. 2) Note bank is Cooperative bank In Maharashtra. 3) Mr.X and and Mr.Y are real brother Please tell me what are legal action and limitation against Mr. X if loan have primary security. What is the possibility For Mr. X to fight or protect his house since he don't have another house.