My first wife has filed a false, fabricated and baseless complain

I am presently posted and working at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, my first wife who is my legal wedded wife per Muslim law, married 7 Feb 1993 and she is residing at Delhi in my own purchased 100 sq ft Flat , that flat is fully furnished with all amenities, i.e. AC, Cooler TV, Big Fridge washing machine etc and she is getting regular her entire necessity of life from me, Every month I am remitting the money to her personal account. That, My first wife is issueless, as she was having chronic Disease in her Uterus this disease was since long time, even before my marriage and later on is diagnosed Cancer by INDIA and UK Fame Gyne Specialist Doctor Banerjee in Saltlake, Kolkata and upon doctor recommended the Operation was conducted by Dr. KK Roy at AIMS and uterus removed in 2003 and saved her life. I spent several Lakhs of Rupees. And then, after losing all hope, Just 2 years back I got second marriage and Almighty blessed me two daughters from my second wife. Now, one month ago, after 21 years of marriage My first wife, who is issueless has filed a false, fabricated and baseless complaint against me in CAW Sriniwaspiri Delhi, Compl no. 519-C. My wife is under misguide and support from her nephew Sri Hasan Ijtaba, who has a friend in Delhi Police and Hasan Ijtaba is using this Officer’s name and post for wrong means. Due to that, they are threatening me and my 74 years Father and 70 years Cancer Patient Mother, to put behind bar. My first wife has filed a false, fabricated and baseless complaint against me CAW Delhi, Though, I did not get copy of complain, but some how I came to know that, there is three major point: In 1994 and 1996, I kicked on his abdomen and his pregnancy was gone. 2. DV and 3.498,i. My first wife deliberately gave the wrong of Mumbai in India, where as I am Saudi Arabia. CAW send the notice two times to me, but I did not get it on time. One, on my friend send the that paper to my at Saudi Arabia after long time. Question: 1. What CAW will do if I am not turned up. Though I have replied CAW. 2. What about FIR in my case, as I am not in India. My wife complain all are false and fabricated. 3. Can my first wife claim for property from my owned earned money. If yes, what share.Shee want to register her the Delhi lat to her name. 4. Can I ask copy of complain from caw and how. 5. It is 21 years of my marriage, can she file 498 and DV, though I in abroad since 2009… 6. what, kind of amount, court of law say about maintenance a wife, who is childless. 7. How, I can fight this case, while working in Saudia. To prove myself as innocent, I have to resign my job and come to India? tell me what to do 8. The nephew of my wife Sri Hasan Ijtaba, who is few friend in Delhi Police as DC, is taking undue help from them, and threting me that either register the Delhi Flat to My wife or face jail? in this case what to do.