Hi, I have recently got married 6 months ago . Before marriage itself I found he is not a correct guy to get married. But he and family made all dramas and made the marriage to happen. After the marriage this guy started torturing me both physically and mentally.When I complain this to his mom and brother ,they are least bothered abt this and told he will be like this and being a girl u need to adjust all. After marriage he is not respecting my family members and abusing them a lot. they will not call me to stay in their house, only my parents will take me and will leave me in my in law home and will tel me to adjust, but even then he will throw my bag out and he will ask me to leave the house. After marriage he had never called me over phone. we were living in different states due to work and I have applied for my transfer which was in pending. Even before marriage we clearly told then that I will be working and I had taken a personal loan. that time they all agreed and now the guy and his family members stared torturing me that "I shoul not work and if I ask anything they are telling people will always change, that time I told u to work now I am telling not to work like that". Even no body from his home support me or talk with me and also they will tel that I should not talk with my mom and brother and relatives. At some peak of time the guy started abusing me with the bad words and started talking bad about my character. He had beaten me several times and 2 time he took me out and he left me in the unknow places and he will come back.but I thought one day all will change. Now I got transferred to the place where he stays, but no they are telling I m not good and he will not live with me and also he gave a complaint on my family for life threat. Now atlast he is telling that if I quit my job , he will live me and also I should not talk with one from my family and even he will torture me for smiling,laughing,watching tv,etc. he wants me to sit ideal and want to do only house hold works. I am ready to quit my job but I don't have a confidence that he will take care of me both financially and mentally. Till today he have not even spend a single penny for me and if I ask in any urgent situation, he will tel go and get from ur mom or take from ATM, even if it is night 1AM in hospital. He is finally telling I married you now I don't want to live with you. I have lot of money so all will support me and you and your family don't have enough money to do anything againt me as u ppl are beggers. Now he started spreading the rumors that I am in relation with someone so doing all this things. I have all my proof of his conversation with me in my mobile but unfortunately my mobile lost and everytning gone. Kindly please help me how to proceed with this. I have went to his for past 3 months and no body is calling me from hius end to come to his house and if my relatives take me he is abusing for that. and if I try to call him the cal is not connecting to him as he put user busy for my number. 1.)Is is offend from my end that I m saying I will work? 2.)they have political power so threatening me with that . 3.)they will torture me more mentally , will it be a DV? 4.)can I get save from him? 5.)Always they will be telling me that they didn't demand anything from us, so I need to obey them if they are wrong too, is it so? please help me to show that girl life is precious so that they will not spoil any other girl life, as they are planning for second marriage. Thanks