procedure to be followed before arresting accused who is reputed

SIr a false complaint has been londged under IPC 294 and 506/2 against my younger brother at 8-30 PM and after londged the complaint within two hours (at 10-30 PM)police officials come to arrest my brother at his house with big police caravan (5 t0 6 police jeeps/vans with 50 t0 60 police man and some officers) and cordoned the house from all sides and forcibly he had been taken at police station without giving any information about the case even he had fever at that time and kept him in lock-up for full night and on next day till 4-00 PM (bail has been given to him from metropolitan court ahmedabad). My brother is a social worker and RTI activist and he has complaint to election commission against a police official for breaching of moral code of conduct and so to take revenge and to demoralise and supress him the police official planned to londge the false complaint with help of his agent(a person who collecting corruption money for the police official) . Sir My brother has also complaint against the agents for his illegal activities. Sir my brother is reputed person of the area so my questions are that can police followed such type of procedure to arrest him like arresting a terrorist ? please advise me about legal action and the way to go for further step