False dowry and domestic violence case

sir, I want to tell I was married in February 2015 till November I am living with my family till then their is no dispute arise between all in the family, but my wife is so much concerned for her family she gives financial support from his salary to her home me and my family not interfere in that matter but she was depress by her family circumstances in his home after November I go abroad for job and after that one month after verbal dispute with me on phone she consume phenyl my family immediately take her to hospital she give positive statement about me and my family to police but after that her family take her to their home since then she is not come when I come to India we met their family and relatives they only ask for divorce and almony which is very high. the frame false allegations on me and my family mental harassment etc. but I don't want to give her divorce but one of his uncle is doing all this to her and my wife is under his influence he is lawyer and feed her legal aspect to her. she is not speaking to me and threatened me for fir against me and my family. please suggest me how to avoid arrest if she loged fir against me and my family. I don't want to give her divorce but she is under bad influence. please help me.