Illegal widening of Road by Grampanchayt

Dear Sir, I am From village of maharashtra. We have farming land which belongs to our father.In that our house is also there.At there my older parents staying. Near by of that land small way for foothpath(small way)is there. 12 years back Grampanchayt had done the widening of that FOOTHPATH into road. At that time we had alredy sent them our objection in handwritten letter as well notice from our lawayer also. But at that Sarpanch had told us verbally that they had not given any permission for such kind of road. Before 2 years back Garmpanchayat sent us notice on Grampanchayat Letter head mentioning that such road is registered on village record(survey).But they never aksed our permission before for preparing such road. Also we checked our land records( 7/12 Utaara ) in that also the area of total land is same as On previous records. So if that road is registered then there should be change in the total land area present on paper. So here i have following doubts... 1)Can grampanchat do such widening of Foothpaths into road without land owner's permissions? 2)Is that not necessary to send any notice to resepective land owners seeking to get opinion befor doing such widening of roads? 3)how can i check if any proceeding has been followed by Grampanchayt for making that road? what process has to followed by grampanchayt to do such road LEGAL.. 4) If its illgeal then what action can taken. As grampanchayt body and local people are publishing that road legal we wish to bring into notice that everthing is happned is wrongly illgegal and its may local political pressure.