Got notice from lok adalat.. what should i do now

Company:- MTS service:- post paid problem:- non payment of MTS data card bill reason:- Device is not not working (dead condition) Almost i paid all amount as my point of view situation:- i paid all months bill without delay of payment.. in third my i was issued with this situation after the payment of bill of second month on 22/02/15, device got dead condition on 24/02/15.. then why should i pay for them. customer care:- i called them and informed them about my condition almost more then 10 times, Always they are giving some customer complaint no. for the reference but there is use of it. and then the due date is coming back (22/03/15) i started receiving the calls from the MTS for non-payment of bill ( i almost received more than 100 call regarding to payment of bill with in one month) The beauty is i did't receive even a single call from them regarding my complaint.. hats off to their agents for irritating the customer to pay the Bill. What should i do now.. do i need to appear the lok adalar court or i just need to ignore that. thank you..