Domestic harassment

Dear advocate, I have a query regarding domestic violence. I have been married for last 6 years and my marriage was at very late age. My husband already have one daughter from previous marriage. He married after the death of his first wife. Right from day 1, he has been very abusive and has never given me any happiness. We have no kid together as he says he has got one and should look after only that kid. I suffered physical and mental torture at his hands and as well as his brother. My parents always tried to make sense out I him but told to him not to do this way. We never reported this to any one as we always wanted reconciliation. He was me and my family members asking for money. He had no job but I was earning for him and his daughter. Now for last 6 months I am living with parents. We don't have any proof of his misbehaviour or demands because we always wanted him to mend his ways and not for separation. We have now realised things have gone beyond reconciliation.What are our options? How can I convince to court that I was brutally tortured all over 6 years. How can I prove I was physically beaten. Can I go to court or police station complaining about this. If they ask proof then what should I do. Since I am living with my parents now could he go to court charging me and my parents. How to defend myself . Please guide us. Thank you very much.