Torture by husband and mother in law

Out of 7 months of marriage having only 2 months passed in peace husband has been asking me to stop talking to my sis and mother and share all my problems with his mother. His mother profusely tells him.lies and moulds situations regarding me...but he listens only to her(same is the situation with my co sis in law whose married for 2.5yrs)...they both have been taunting me for not getting enough gold, money and clothes for maariage...he is also forcing to take my car back at my parents to the place where we both live(we stay far in laws due to his job). He misbehaves with my entire family. Both son and mother are trying to prove me a psycho (same things they have done with my co sister in law). He keeps insisting me to apologize to his mother and brother for no rhyme or reason and refuses to talk to me till I do what he says.. He has dropped me to my parents place right now and is not talking to me ...our leaves are also on the verge of getting over but he's showing no signs of taking me along... What should I do...I feel emotionally very weak due to this situation every third day..this is costing me my mental peace...have tried to explain him that my relations are as important as his...but he fails to understand. He keeps calling my bro and father to take me back...n also keeps telling me I don't need you ..due to which I left his home but he feared disrespect in society and came finding me..n after which again fought with me...calls me names n curses my family ..all the while appreciating his mother...he is also a man of dual nature... Behaves nicely out but changes when at home...he is also been asking me to not to talk to wives of his colleagues..n keeps interrogating me for what I have shared with others...if he takes me out for lunch / movies keeps reminding me that I took you out...leaves a gap of 2 days and then starts off saying I didn't bother u for 2 days but u r not changing...u must change..ull.have to change..then only I'll take u for a honeymoon.. Then only I'll be happy...u have to keep my mother happy...I'm.tired of all this. My parents have also tried talking to the entire family but he disrespected my family again.