Correction of Mother's Name in My Passport !!! Please advise soon

Hi, My Passport expired in 2013 and in my expired Passport by mistake I had given my mother name as Shakeera Begum where as my Mother actual name is Shakeera Bee. As per Her passport, Bank account and Aadhar card her name is Shakeera Bee which is the right one. Now, I want to get this name corrected in my passport reissue so that I may plan to take her on Visit Visa or HAJ in future along with me as my Father expired. She will be dependent on me. Initially Passport customer care on toll free number told me to just submit my mother's passport and they will do name correction. On appointment day, PSK Granting officer put my application on Hold and asking for Annexure E with two paper AD's and ID proof. Please answer my questions ! Annexure E and two paper AD's are compulsory ?? Addresses: 1) Her address mentioned on her Passport is "ABCDEF" issued on 01/05/2012 (rented House, already left that place) 2) Her present address on her Aadhar card is "XYZ" issued on 30/06/2012 (Presently she stays with my brother at this address) 3) My Address as per my all Address proofs & passport re issue application is " GHIJKL" the same address am staying and given on passport application. (NOTE: all 3 addresses are in hyderabad itself) In Annexure 'E' and Paper AD's Which Address should I mention???? Address 1 or Address 2 or Address 3 ??? I'm interested to keep her present address in paper AD that is as per Aadhar card. Please let me know sample Name change AD. Thanks in advance !!