husband denys to stay with me.

Dear sir, my husband is a software engineer in delhi.we got married in 2007.we have a 6 years old son.when my son was 1 year he left us and moved to usa for 3 years.he had no connection.i was staying with my son in my parents house.after 3 years he called me to come to delhi unless he will commit suicide.we came here and my son started going to a very good school.but after 2-3 months he started quarreling on very small matter.told me that my son will never ask him in he started forcing me to go back to my parent house again.when i denied to go back he moved to a different since 6 months he is staying in a separate house.i complaint the he is forcing me to stay in his village with his 2 brothers and sis-in law.his family members were already discarded me when he left us since 3 years.i am very sure that if i go to his village they will definitely harm me and my son.all his brothers have daughters.he has 3 brothers.i have only 1 son in his whole family.what to do now.please help.