Restitution of conjugal rights

Sir/madam i am from wife and me both are separate for than 10 months.she left her matrimonial home on the ground of quuirle with my mother for domestic work .My mother in law use to call my wife while she stay with me & misguide her to avoid her matrimonial responsibilities.our marriage took place 2 yrs back including this separation period of 10 months.None us from my family ask her to pay huge dowry nor did any physical torcher.but during quuirle my mother & father told her get out of home just because of their angernes. I went her parents home so many times even some of my relatives and family friends went with me to bring her back to matrimonial home during this 10 months period.but all time she rejected to back.on every attempt to her home ,she and her mother gave me new condition like to live a conjugal life with her i have to leave my home,parents,even i aggre to stay my father in laws flat to save this marriage.then she gave a new condition that i have to pay a certain % of my salary to my wife every month if i want to stay with her.After that i fill a petition of RCR 9.The court has given a date to appear at court.But now she wants divorce on mutual concent.I am a cental govt.employee.As my mother using some faulty language &ask her to get out of home,this could be rejected by court?even i am ready to leave my parents home & want to live with her at rented home.i am ready to accept het with all short of respect but she can't be moulded to live with.In that case court may give order of alimony in favour of her.As she don't want to live with shall i agree in mutual divorce??After she left my home i did a G.D. at my local police station.At that stage can she file C.R.P.C 498A/CRPC 125/CRPC24 against me??I did my marriage in Hindu spcl. Marriage act 1954 followed by social marriage. kindly suggest me as this matter make me mentally ill.Her absence in my life cause me physically & mentally weak. with regards Arun Ram kolkata