About further proceedings on divorce

Hi, I am based out in karnataka and I have government job and working since 5 years. It's been 6 years we are married. Before marrying he knew that i'm working job holder. I have little girl who is 7 years. my husband does not work and he sits idle at home. he has agricultural land of 20 acres. Problem: my husband complained that i'm not cooking proper food since i'm working and he went to his parents place and its been 10 months. Though, i prepared food promptly after my office hours. Now, he wants to file divorce.I don't want to get divorced and i wanted to live with him but he wants me to live job and stay in village , for which i'm not ready.As i don't think he will take care of me. My questions are: 1) With above reason whether court will grant divorce. 2) Incase if he provides any other reasons and applies for divorce, will i get any compensation. I heard that since i'm governament job holder i do not get compensation. 3) How about my little girl . Whether she will be with me or court will ask her to handover to my husband. 4) whether only she gets compensation from his agricultural land. I really appreciate and remember your help if you can clarify my doubts. i am not in condition to think about divorce but still these type of questions are coming in my mind. Please help and show me the path.