Mental Torture by my Husband And In-Laws

Im Ayesha 20 year old Im from low middle class family I was married since 2 and half-year when i was just 18+ after completing my P.U.C..First of all my dad had condition that after marriage my in-laws should have to support and let me complete my education even after marriage..My in-laws were excepted this conditio..after getting married after 7 months my husband plan to abroad.He went for abroad since 3 months n before he going to abroad he didnt pay me dad took me from in-laws house and admissioned me in college for my higher studyies by paying amount of his own..after 4 month i asked my husband to pay me my fees he refused to pay..within 4 months of my husband went for abroad my dad was expired,he is just 38 years old...!!!! after my dad's death my husband and in-laws push me back nothing paid to me .my husband will call me and tortured me..after dad's death he didn't talk me for 3 months no msg no sympathy yet all.he is in abroad for 1 year.after he coming back to india..his parents n sis-in-laws tortured me alot for dowry and tount me for everything.and presently from 7 months he is not doing any job...when i told for go to job he always refusing me and saying that he never go to job he will stay in home and his parent will give him mother came to sick bcoz of my he going to talk our village quazi by forcing me trying to send me notice to take action against me ...What should i do for this torture ...plz help me and need a helpfull suggestion for this..what step should i take against him and his family.