Legal action against builder for not completing his responsibilit

The query is regarding a redeveloped property in Mumbai city. The building is completed in 2012. But the compound of the building still to be completed.Further, the builder has not removed the encroachments, contravening structures, etc, from the compound of the building due to which we are facing problems. OC is not yet obtained. Since 2013, the builder is asking us to pay all the on goings viz. property tax, water and electricity charges and other maintenance charges of the building. The agreement executed with the builder does not include any encumbrances. However, they have given right of way and usage of toilet of the building, meant for shops, to the tenants who are part of original plot but did not form part of final plot. The builders have also given electricity connection to the shops from the common electricity connection for which we have been paying the electricity bills. The actual area as per approved plan is 41 mtrs whereas BMC is charging property tax for 80 mtrs. The actual area including balcony and flower bed does not exceed 60 mtrs. The builders have not regularized property tax and water tax. They have provide water connection meant for labourers. Our various request to the builder to complete his responsibility has fallen on deaf ears. The company through which the agreements are executed is a private limited company. The status of Company on MCA website is Dormant. Taking into consideration the above, what legal actions under the provisions of various applicable laws can be taken against the Builder ???