Marrying a foreign national in India

Hi I am an Indian citizen living in Canada. I am going to marry a Canadian citizen. The marriage is scheduled to take place in India close to Delhi. Can someone tell me how can we get the registration certificate? 1. I have read -- on this website and many others -- that because she is not Indian, we will have to get married under the Special Marriage Act and give atleast one month's advance notice? Is that the case? If yes, what is the procedure? 2. One of the lawyers also told me that one work around would be to have her convert to Hinduism as I am a Hindu. Aparently, then we would be able to get our marriage registered as per the Hindu Marriage Act and would not need to wait for a month. Please advise if that is possible, and if there are any negative factors associated with this route. We also need to have our marriage recognized by both the Canadian govt and Indian govt so that she can apply for an OCI card. Please advise if there is a potential issue with this by choosing either of the above routes.