Advice regarding DV,Dowry harresment,Mental torture etc

Hi I am from Bangalore, got married in Nov 2015, moved to US in Dec with my husband. My family and I have faced harassment for dowry and several forms of domestic abuse from the time we got married and after moving here.His father even made me keep all my jewellery and everything i owned in their custody in Nagpur.My father has made few transactions to his father's account, transferring huge sums of money, my card was used to pay for most wedding expenses. My husband has abused me physically,mentally,emotionally,sexually and isolated me from everyone as he didn't let me have a phone money or let me go out of the house. When I tried to confront my husband in January, he framed me,there was an incident of physical abuse and there was also a complaint registered here with the local police.He got me arrested and now I am fighting a criminal case with a lawyer who is representing me for the same. In the meanwhile, my husband has filed for divorce with the family court and sent me a notice.I have time till 10th March to respond to the petition. The laws here are very different.I am trapped. Under these circumstances what are my options? Can I file a dowry harassment/ physical abuse case while I am in US in any court in India? Should the case be filed in Bangalore or in Nagpur? Can my parents can file a case for on my behalf, or a separate case for the abuse they faced? What is the best way to get my jewellery and money back from them, as I am stuck in US until the criminal case is resolved? Can i appoint a lawyer in India giving him the power of attorney to file the case on my behalf in India? Some help and clarification on the above question from the group.