Divorce on grounds of non-consummation

We have completed 2 years and 2 months of our marriage now. In total we have stayed together for 10 months and we have not consummated our marriage except for the first day of honeymoon where we tried but there was no penetration. I have tried working it out before but now I am unable to live with a person like him and I need to end this marriage. We have had no intimacy on any level and I feel he has avoided me to the point that I cannot get physical now even if he wants it as it is too late now and it is unacceptable. I have been deeply hurt n unappreciated and ignored throughout these 2 years and I only feel contempt when I look at him. He is extremely lazy and I have to do literally everything for him. I don't have his companionship to do any work at home or even outside. And it gets very frustrating to live with him in the same house with his attitude and non proactive behaviour. Is he impotent ? I don't believe so. Am I afraid to have intercourse? Absolutely not! So I don't know the issue and frankly now I don't care, I don't want him to touch me now. We are married in the church and will shortly be applying for annulment on the same grounds. Please tell me what step is most reasonable to take - if I should go in for a divorce or annulment or dissolution or any other option. - We have no children - We have no property 1. How long will it take to finalise this divorce approximately? 2. How much will I be charged approximately? 3. How many hearings and what must I be prepared for? Appreciate your advice.