Neglect to Old Parent Its Remedy

My friend's brother in law was a high official,died some 4 years agoHis wife was a Sr School Master at a school.The combined salary of both of them was quite presentable. However their only child (daughter) fell in love with a very ordinary man not up to the mark of parent’s standard. After some initial tussle parents agreed to the marriage.After marriage the daughter along with the daughter in law remained in the father’s place for quite some years.Now they live separately with the boy living in the same place as his mother in law and the daughter live with the granddaughter,18 years old in a city some 4 hours journey from her mother’s place at a flat purchased by the daughter in law As the widow’s age is 76(husband already dead) out of love to only daughter child she had bequeathed everything in her daughter’s favour.The residential house is jointly owned by mother and daughter(mother stays alone in the house). All fixed deposit a/c(quite a many) certificates are jointly owned(with mother as the first holder).Key of bank locker jointly held is with the daughter.Unfortunatey the lady has been attacked with SUSPECTED advanced stage of abdomen cancer as detected since early February.For quite some time past the daughter is hardly keeping track about her old mother.After detection of cancer she has not yet visited her mother even for once neither making any telephone call.For taking some reserve money at hand the mother has to apply for premature withdrawal of some fixed deposit receipts where signature of the daughter will be required. The mother has no copy of any deed. My friend was in dark of all this and frankly speaking he should not know these. When he went to see his sister the lady told him all this. Actually the daughter is now saying that as my friend has visited his sister this amounts to interference and the 70 year old gentleman should take all responsibility. Obviously everybody understands that as everything is now ensured even if the daughter neglect the mother no body cannot do anything.Under these circumstances I would like to know whether Indian law under a specific section can force the daughter to look after her mother in her old days.Otherwise the old lady suffering from suspected cancer is in a very precarious condition in spite of the money she has.The girl (most ordinary)was never a working lady and all contributions to Fixed Deposit was from only mother's resources Is there any remedy to force the daughter under any Sr Citizen Act/Hindu Act/Section 125 CRPC