Canceling Of granted land, Giving wrong information & reason.

My father was a Freedom Fighter and he was entitled for the grant of land (Government Land) under Freedom fighters quota (Karnataka State). During 1994 my father applied for the Grant of Government Land to Deputy Commissioners of Four Districts. Three district Commissioners replied in writing that they don't have Government Lands for granting to anybody. Dharwad district Commissioner (my Father belong to Dharwad district) replied in writing that there is a land (six acres of land) in the District, specially reserved for the Freedom fighter. My father applied for Mutation and R T C (Right of records). Which was mentioned, "reserved for Freedom fighter". My father applied for the grant of that Land. After years of strugle (Full Eleven and half years) and intervention of Petition Commitee of Karnataka Legislative Assembly, the land was granted. The District Commissioner asked cocerned Tahsildar to Fix the Boundry and to hand over the land to my Father. But the result was something else, Some official person in DC (District Commissioner) office played a game for gain, which was not fullfilled by my Freedom fighter Father and Strict follower of Mahatmaji's path. The official with grudge gave wrong informtion to District Commissioner that Land belongs to Forest Department (The DC recommended for the grant of FF reserved land was different than that of this DC believed the words of a Official. (Five DC's changed during this Eleven and half years) ). The DC also without confirmation of the Records, wrote a letter to his Superior (Principal Secretary) saying that the Land belongs to Forest Dept.and will not be granted to anybody. Even the Principal Secretary (revenue dept.) without Confirming the real fact and without calling for the Original records wrote a letter to Government and my Father that the land belongs to Forest dept. and cancelled the Grant. Again myself and my Father started our Strugle to get that land Which was Reserved for and till today the records Say the land reserved for Freedom fighter. In between my Father passed away on 8th August 2009 at the age of 87 years. I continued the strugle and met Secretary, Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary and other concerned officials of Karnataka Legislative Assembly (petition commitee) and requested them to Re-Grant of the land which is reserved for freedom fighter. They asked me to give an application through my living Mother for the Grant. But with some Politics, The Dharwad DC granted some different Land (Hilly Area) that too only Two Acres which is unfit for Cultivation. We applied for culivating land. On 6th october 2013 my mother also passed away. Now what is the Solution for getting the Old land which was granted and Snatched away from the person Who fought for the Freedom of this Country by sacrificing his Student Career?