roulette wheel game is legal or illigal in rajasthan

i'm designing a casino wheel electronic machine, which will have 0 to 9 numbers one has to take token/plastic coins to play this game, he will insert coins and bet on his favorite number and than push play button after few second wheel will stop spinning & the ball will stop on one number, if a person win machine will give 5X token (bet amount X 5) to him just like ATM from which he can play the game continue or he can go for shopping, parallel we will tie up with some shops where our token will be acceptable against the purchasing 100 points token will be equal to Rs. 100 at that shops. After winning we will not provide cash in any condition. Ques : 1. In which category this game will come gambling or entertainment ? 2. Is it legal in Rajasthan or not ? 3. Games Zones in shopping mall is running on the same concept or they have another concept? 4. If it is in gambling category than what should i modify in this so that it can come in entertainment category ? Waiting for your opinion, Thanks Deepak