Divorce case against wife on grounds of cruelty

My marriage was solemnised in Jan 2012 as per Hindu rites in Mumbai. For some reason my wife is fiercely against interacting or getting along with my family members. This led to regular altercations amongst self and wife. The problem is my wife gets extremely abusive and violent during any altercation. Ironically subsequently she accuses me for Domestic Violence. With time it was habitual for my wife to threaten me for lodging false complaint for Domestic Violence and Dowry Harassment. She also warns me for implicating my parents and brothers also into it. Infact in a fit of rage she dialled 100 once in an attempt to lodge a police complaint against me, which was cancelled by me forcefully. Subsequently due to her unending regular threats for 498, I approached a lawyer in Mar 14 and sent her a legal notice in Aug 14. On receiving notice my wife left the marital house and started living with her parents. In her reply to notice she accused me for DV, dowry harassment and cruelty by self and family towards her. Seeing no improvement in her behaviour I filed for divorce in Oct 14 on grounds of physical and mental violence. I have some recordings in which my wife is badly abusing me and my family members and saying very bad things about character and conduct. In Apr 2015 my wife came back to the marital home and started residing with me although there is no physical relationship between us. Presently the case is going on in Court and my wife has submitted reply to the divorce petition. She has stated in her reply that both of us are happily staying in the marital home. The truth is that we have irreconcilable differences amongst us. Can you please advise me that on the grounds of cruelty with audio proofs is my case strong enough for a divorce or audio proofs are not considered substantial to prove my wife’s cruelty. The case is hardly moving in court due to delay petition reply by my wife for which court has not taken any action. Your guidance would be very helpful.