Daugter in law trouble

Hello I'm Mr Khushalani I reside with my family in a 3 bhk flat I sold my ancestor property which was in town and came to the suburbs for a bigger house and better life after my second son got married I'm 60 years old man have 3 sons Elder son got married and staying in a Nuclear Family had great issues with him as well from the time he got married till 2014 a Because of his bad habits and asking money everynow and then my wife has always been for everyone we feel if we could help someone in return we will get love we will get some respect but it's completely wrong my wife has sold almost everything that she had to serve her sons still I was quite thout we will atlest live a peaceful life and will die peacefully after my 3rd Son getting married to a girl it was a arrange marriage but she is not from Mumbai for the Last 2 years we have been Targeted and tauchered to death she has not been cooperativr if we say A she will say B very blunt thinks we are piece of shit it's my and my wife's ownwership still we are helpless my wife used to say it's just she is new and it will take time to adjust my wife till date haven't got a cup of tea from her every morning my wife she is 60+ gets up at 7 while everyone is sleeping cleans the kitchen that she keeps in mess at night fills water in all washrooms prepare tea for everyone she starts at 7 and it continues till night 11 she is strong she is a dibetic bp patient she has to take care but she says till she can work she will work my 3rd sons wife gets up late as she is Old aged last like a Saasu and if I shout then she will not even get up from her bed and when we go in her room saying its late get up she will say I'm sick can't you see if you irritate me I will complaint to Police that you all are tauchering me and you will be behind barrs my wife gets scared of all this she takes me back in our room we had requested our 3rd son to speak to her ask her what's her problem he says I think we need change in the enviorment he speaks to her for hours she does not even bigger about her own husband he leaves for work at 10 she gets up at 10 purposely so my wife could prepare breakfast and she js mad for her sons she will not let them go without eating and taking Tiffin it's a worst life she makes fun of me laughs at us I just thretened her a few days back that it's enough I'll consult a lawyer she got a little scared but from next day she is same yestered I told her lawyer is coming in selling this flat and will give you a small amount and please leave our house and go live your life anywhere I don't want to know what you will do and how you will do I have spoken to her family Manny Times they are the biggest criminal they come home touch our Feet say sorry and we feel bad that they are also almost samr aged and we forgive her we sent her with her parents for 1 month told her parents please speak to her what's the problem and tell her to be nice we are not expecting anything just she should take care of the house when she came back she was nice for a few days but again same issues started I rember the fist time while I was arguing with my 3rd son for financial matters I was telling him that your not telling your wife anything she gets up as she is staying in a hotel orders everyone no respect for elders she just smashed her bedroom door and loocked of from within and we have been requesting her to open the door for hours after couple of hours of door knoking I called her parents they were continuously calling her we could hear the ringtone but she is not picking the phone finally I decided to call the Society security and to break the door thinking she has done something to herself my wife fainted when we broke the lock of her bedroom she was sitting and when we asked her what are you up to we have broke the door and lock knoking the door for hours and your sitting hear listening to everything that time my second son told me it's time you take action call her parents but I did not do that I was just worried about my wife that time this incident shook me and I want them to be out of my house she hot my son her husband and my wife while they were alone at home she asked her husband for some money to go to Parlor he said I have to withdraw from Atm I'll give you she went inside her bedroom and banged the door my wife called her 3rd son asked what's the matter he said I don't have cash in hand has to withdraw it from Atm she needs to go to parlor she removed Rs.500 and have it to her 3rd son while that happened she opened the door she was dressed up to go somewhere my wife asked where are you going she says I spoke to my Nani who is a social worker she says meet me I'll give you money for parlor and opened the main door and was waiting for the lift my wife called her inside gace her Rs too in her hand and said what are you doing are you had to call your nani and ask money she opened the door waiting for the lift while my 3rd son her husband just said atlest day thanks mom as she always stands by you she got frustrated she knew no one is At home I had gone out for some work my 2nd son and his wife were also out she came inn slaaped my son and what the fuck do you think you have bought me with Rs 500 and kept slapping her husband in front of her mother my wife tried to defend her son she kissed my wife on the couch and started shouting they are hitting me save me called her Nani who stays at Chembur and shouting save me from this women she is hitting me after disconnecting her call at called her parents and shouting again they are hitting me save me save me my wife was in so much stress that her bp Went low and her sugar increased she is such a girl now it's too much still my wife says they are our kids don't want to take things to Police because she has already warned my wife of she does complaint she also knows how to complaint please tell me what to do I don't want to stay with anyone now I want to live with my wife my 2nd son has a 1 bhk at Dombivili on loan I was thinking to sell this 1 bhk and give 20 lakhs to both sons individually and live alone or if there is any other way you can help a helpless old people please tell me