Help Needed

My wife went to her mothers home in november 2015 saying she is going for her sisters engagement and will come back in 1 month also she took all the jewelry before leaving my home. The girl is from orissa but after reaching her mothers home she was talking nicely for 20 days and suddenly she stopped responding my phone calls and messages when we tried to reach their home they temporarily shifted to some other place later on when we tried calling sometimes they switch off the phone or disconnect the phone. If we call from different number they pick the phone and say we will send our daughter next month every time when we call they keep on extending the months and now its been march they still are not in position to send my wife back to our home. Last month my father talked to them then they said we had some problems at our home so we shifted temporarily and now we are staying at our own house so my father visited to their house to bring back my wife but they refused to send my wife with my father they said we will send our daughter in next 2 months also some villagers told my father that their family is not good as my wife has 3 sisters one is widowed who gave poison to her husband and took 40 lakhs which was in her husband name and came to her mothers home the 2nd one also steal all gold and came to her mothers home and now she is also filing divorce case on her husband and demanding compensation and 3rd is my wife who is also cheating our family i guess Please advice me what to do as she also took all jewelry from us and its been more than 4 months. We don't know whats going on their mind. Ajay