Sec 302, 147, 201,416& 102B

My father went to office wich is aprox 20kms frm my home at around 11:30am to atend an imp meeting. At 6:10pm one of my relativ(wid whom my dad n we hav not talkd sinc 6 months due to sm issues) cals my mothr n tells ki my dad cald him n told ki mai ja ra hu jldi aao bht jaldi aao n dat my dad is teling ki he s in my villag syd forest area. To b noted dat my dad was seen in his office til 3:30pm n where his deadbody s found is 80kms away frm his office in vilage forest area. A botle tightly closd n haf filld was placd near his deadbody. N his bike was found 100mtrs away frm him n spark plug of vehicle was missing n later found wid one of d acussed. We lodged FIR against 7 peopl who r my relativs n wid whom we r nt in gud terms due to some property n dishonour issues. A cut was found on d forehead of deadbody n two smal dots of blood on his buttock n one under one of d shouldr wich is mentiond in panchnama too. No arestng was done police said to wait fr d viscera report. Viscera report came n reveald dat he died of poison. Medical experts on their skill n knowledge said dat poison has been injected bt still police is doing nothing n misleadng us dat my dad did suicide they are just focusing on the phone call in wich my dad is only haf conscious wid slurred speech (as are d symptoms of such poison it attacks nervous system first) and neglecting d viscera report. No suicide note was found n the botle wich d accused said to b poison is found to b normal water. I m his daughter n feeling very helpless. Plz help me in geting justice...d guilty must b punished.