Rights to wife after divorce in a specific case

Married my friend after 7 yrs of friendship.Discovered on wedding night, he has a prob getting erect.He feigned ignorance, visited doc next day, told me it is due to jet lag.Was with me for 20 days then he returned to US.He visited India in a year. Was with me for 1 month.Had sexual encounters, but not to my satisfaction.I didnt say anything, thinking he has not as much sexual requirement as me.After a year, I left my job in India and came to US. Gradually i discovered he had severe ED, and his brain does not produce the required hormone(very low), so doc said he cannot have erections. When I asked him, he said it never happened before, just started now.I discovered he had severe Haemorroidal problem/fistula and he had undergone surgery for it before I came to US.I even found a med report that he had this prob since before marriage. He had Rheumatoid Arthritis, some Perpura too, much before marriage.All along, he had been taking Viagra, Cialis without my knwledge to get forced erections without passion.I confronted him, he paid me back my wedding expenses and asked me to give him one more year(v r into 3rd year nw).He said he will compensate me for my salary I would have got in India for this period.Now, those tablets also hv stopped wrking on him.My q is: 1) Will the court hold my petition valid as it is 3 yrs after marriage? 2) Am I entitled to ask more than just my salary? 3) Will thiswedding be invalidated if I provide proof that he had all these problems since before marriage?