Will copy not shown

I 22 yrs old (f) my father died when I was just 2 months old. From than my aunt took the house gave by my father saying its my fathers property . As I was a child my uncle aunt wanted me to be with them but they weren't taking my mom in the house so she took police to the house as she was afraid they would take me and my uncle said that time you called police now dont come to our house at all..... After this incident like 6 /7 yrs later she filed a comlaint to give share of the property but nothing happened now I want to see the will of grandfather but sometimes my grandma says we havent seen it ourselves (my uncle and my grandma lives separetly) It is with your uncle. Uncle says it is not with us. now the thing is what should I do... Its too complicated They say that nothing is there for u in the property . But not showing me the will ? I thought to file a case but lawyers u know u r too has lots of fees ..... As my mom is a widow and I m the only daughter we dont have lots of rupees . The flat is in bandra East If I get a lawyer who can fight I can give 30: 70 share If anyone is interested... we will get lots of help.... We tried in govt court opp zari mari mandir bandra west but the procedure is not too fast